Best Weed Strains for Headaches

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Best Weed Strains For Headaches

Best Weed Strains for Headaches
Best Weed Strains for Headaches


A headache is pain or uneasiness in the head, scalp, or neck. The majority of people with headaches can feel much healthier by making lifestyle change. Professionals nowadays consider that a change in some brain element may be the main reason that throws in way for headache. It can be of two different types i.e. primary or secondary which means they can be side-effect of some illness or can be a standalone in the form of pain. A good number people suffer from headache, every now and then. Headache can vary from mild to head crushing pain.

The treatment of relieving from headache differs depending on the kind of headache you are experiencing; however there are some speedy, as well as enduring solutions for bringing an end to the pain before it turns irrepressible. Nevertheless, whether speedy or enduring, one of the ways to relieve yourself of headache is to use a recommended follow our list on the best weed strains for headaches.


There are several weed strains that have been known to assuage the pain of headache and some of the best weed strains for headaches that can be used will be explored in the following article:

Best Weed Strains for Headaches | Blue-Dream

Best Weed Strains for Headaches | Blue-Dream

Blue Dream has been known to help to mitigate headache away. One strain that stands out for patients when it comes to relieving headaches is White Widow which is an amalgam of indicia plus sativa .This Best weed strain can be found in many countries and in different part of the world.

Best Weed Strains for Headaches | White Widow

Best Weed Strains for Headaches | White Widow

White Widow also has a brawny smell and is usually green in color with brown or orange pelt – although diverse reproduction can produce diverse colors. It also helps in treating migraine therefore every once in a while it does also help you to relax and sleep.

Afghani Goo / Afghooey (indica): Nighttime pain relief, insomnia, nausea, post-traumatic stress disorder, appetite

Blue Dream (hybrid): Daytime pain relief, stress, anxiety, appetite, arthritis, migraines

Grand Daddy Purple (indica): Night-time pain, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, arthritis, migraines, appetite

Jack Herer (sativa): Daytime pain relief, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia

Romulan (indica): Nighttime pain relief, insomnia, glaucoma, muscle spasms, arthritis, anxiety, appetite

Sour Diesel (sativa): Daytime pain relief, depression, frontal lobe headaches, migraines, PTSD

Before using any of the strains found in the article ” best weed strains for headaches”, you need a frank talk with your trusted doctor, your friend or your family member about similar weed strains that can be used and what might work for your headache. Don’t be frightened to use a small experiment when probing for accurate weed strain.

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