The Four Best Weed Strains of 2013

| July 6, 2013

4 Of the Best Weed Strains of 2013

To a die-hard pothead, every day is 420 as he knows his smoke. We have compiled a list of Best weed strains of 2013 to help you with your HIGH excursion.

Best Weed Strains of 2013 | Go citrus with Cherry Pie

Best Weed Strains of 2013 - Cherry Pie

Best Weed Strains – Cherry Pie 2013

Cherry Pie is one of the best indica dominant strains available today. This cannabis strain has become popular among the smokers around the word, thanks to the rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Its awesome piney lemon taste mingled with cherry smell will make you yearn more for this magical leaf, which goes straight to your head, and knocks your body out within 10 seconds.

A great head-body combo comforter. This strain is characterized by dense medium sized buds crossed with orange and purple flowers. Cherry Pie is a cross between Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple.  

Best Weed Strains Get a body buzz with Lemon Head

Best Weed Strains - Lemonhead

Best Weed Strains – Lemonhead 2013

Next on the list of Best weed strains, appears the name of Lemon Head. Lemon head strain is a sativa dominant weed, and is a hybrid of OG Kush and NYC Diesel. It is characterized by strong citrus and pine aroma.

This is perfect for the smokers, who are especially fond of indica strains. Lemon Head is a great reliever in stress, pain. This creates a cerebral high, and lets a person focus. Now, that is a strong enough reason to smoke this one.  

Best Weed Strains | Cotton Candy’s potent indica buzz

Best Weed Strains - Cotton Candy

Best Weed Strains – Cotton Candy 2013

Cotton Candy is a great sport when friends are around, and you want to have a good smoke. This is one of the best weed strains, which takes after its parents Green Crack and Hindu Kush.

The smell of the cotton candy is a deep indica with kushy after-tone. It gives a heavy volume of smoke, and leaves an aftertaste of cotton candy, and hence the name.

The potent indica buzz of this strain is just out of this world. Blessing for relaxing, relieving stress, pain, and appetite. Have your stock from a local weed dispensary or better still cultivate this in your house. This cannabis strain yields dense orange covered nugs, which are covered in trichomes.

Best Weed Strains | Gear up for a heaven’s flight with Purple God’s Gift

Best Weed Strains - Gods Gift

Best Weed Strains – Gods Gift 2013


This seems to be universal favorite of the potheads’ community, the world over. For the amateurs, try it after a stressful and tiring day at work.

It induces a relaxed state of mind within seconds, and proves helpful for marijuana medical patients. Its instant body tingling effect coupled with euphoria and calming effect works wonders.

This weed strain owes its taste and smell to the legendary Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush. Purple God’s Gift has a potent smell very similar to Grand Daddy.

The pungent smell of this weed strain won’t let go out of your nose for a good number of seconds. Just a few rips from this weed will transport you into another world. The deep smoke and the aftertaste that lingers in the mouth make it a definite contender for one of the best weed strains of all times.

Go and choose your candy for the day. We are sure you will fall in love with these darlings in your maiden smoking voyage.let us know what you think about are best weed strains of 2013 picks by commenting.


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