Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana

the legalization of marijuana

Legalization of marijuana is currently one of the hot topics in the United States, with heated arguments on both sides of the issue. Things are not made better by the polarizing nature of most discussions, preventing the moderate opinions of the majority from being represented.

As it happens, most Americans can neither claim to be adamantly against the legalization of marijuana, nor count themselves firmly among its supporters. They’re still undecided and realize that a balanced approach to this problem will lend the best results.

But before we can do that, we need to get the facts straight. There is overwhelming evidence that supports marijuana being medically useful when battling a wide range of health issues. Years of research and statistics have also concluded that the recreational use of marijuana has much lower risks than those of alcohol, and .dependence of this natural substance is often compared to coffee.

The importance of having strict regulations in place for the production and distribution is undeniable, but it does not change the fact that the legalization of marijuana will improve the situation in the United States in many ways. There are obscene amounts of federal government funding being spent on the counterproductive war on drugs, as well as hundreds of thousand people imprisoned and kept under guard for minor marijuana-related offenses, at the expense of the taxpayers’ money.

Fortunately, the last year has marked a steady movement in the last direction, as well as the willingness of key officials to engage in a meaningful discussion on the subject. Marijuana is already legalized for medical purposes in more than a dozen states. In November 2012, people of Colorado and Washington voted for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, allowing both states to create a much more effective system for regulating and taxing the substance.

Reforms like that are now spreading across the United States, gaining widespread support from moderate politicians and voters who are willing to look past the media misinformation on this topic and demonization of marijuana as a whole. It can no longer be ridiculed as a movement started and lead by ‘stoners’, instead drawing attention to the benefits of legalization of marijuana for the entire country.

Admittedly, there have been failed attempts at legalization of marijuana before, which gives the more reason to streamline this new effort with greater attention. The 1970s experienced what seemed like the beginning of a chain reaction that would sweep the United States with a wave of legalization. However, it was promptly undermined by the emergence of war on drugs.

But the hypocrisy of the government’s insistence on keeping weed illegal has become more transparent than 40 years ago. Legalizing it will lead to a decrease in law enforcement spending and allow to allocate resources to dealing with much more important problems. It will also put more power to the federal government and individual states in ensuring the quality and safety of this substance, leaving no questions about the advantages to the legalization of marijuana.


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