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Marijuana Cultivation jobs and Opportunities

| February 16, 2013

Marijuana Cultivation jobs and Opportunities

Marijuana cultivation jobs are on the rise even with the illegality of growing and consuming Marijuana or Cannabis, there are still a lot of people working in this field. There are a lot of Marijuana growers in the United States. And because of this, there are also marijuana cultivation jobs that may be grabbed by anyone who is willing to get paid in pain of getting caught and arrested.

Marijuana_Field1_Marijuana Cultivation

In the US, all states prohibits not only the consumption of Marijuana, but also its sale and mere possession . But in 19 of these states, cannabis is allowed for medical purposes to help those who suffer from chronic diseases like Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome, cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

MMJ is allowed for reducing the pain of the people suffering from the mentioned conditions above, some states have made an exception to the law prohibiting sale and possession of Marijuana. Because of this, there is even more opportunities for those who are looking for marijuana cultivation jobs.


Due of this exception in allowing MMJ to used in the medical field, a new industry was formed – the medical marijuana industry. This industry may be small but it is indeed fast growing. And this translates to more job opportunities to people.

Marijuana Cultivation jobs - The worth of the medical marijuana industry 

In 2012, the worth of the medical marijuana industry was estimated to be less than $2 billion. This is based on the financial analysis done independently by the See Change Strategy, a group that has its expertise in the study of new markets.
Marijuana Cultivation JobsLooking at the success of this industry at a smaller picture, one can take a look at the sales records of Marijuana in

Colorado. 2010 was a great and thriving year for this state, in terms of cannabis business. It had recorded sales of over $180 million. This industry, during that year, has also hired 4,200 workers that are licensed by the said state.

There is no better time to find a career doing marijuana cultivation jobs. The business is becoming successful now more than ever. A person who wants to be employed doing a job cultivating and planting cannabis may seek employment in companies supplying weed.

looking for marijuana cultivation jobs

Marijuana cultivation jobs are not limited to those that are directly involved with the planting, processing and packaging Marijuana. Other jobs that are made available because of cannabis are the other businesses that are contracted by the pot growers to make growing pot and selling the same, possible and profitable. Examples of these companies that are also becoming more successful because of the MMJ industry are insurance companies, law firms, firms for agricultural equipment and the like.

If a person is looking for marijuana cultivation jobs, he may be able to find one that is suitable to him through online classified ads. He may search for these jobs, know how to apply in the company that he is interested in, and pursue a career in that company eventually.

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