Marijuana Legalization in Florida Aimed At 2014

| September 22, 2013

Marijuana Legalization in Florida

Marijuana Legalization in Florida

Marijuana Legalization in Florida – Everything About Weed

The Florida Secretary of State gave final approval on the month of July 2013, for signature of being on a proposed medical marijuana legalization constitutional amendment that is aimed at the 2014 ballot. United for Care, which is the initiative sponsor of this program have time until the 1st of February, 2014 in order to gather about 700,000 more valid signatures in order to make a voice.  If activists are successful in placing the initiative on the ballot, it would require a 60% approval from voters to pass. It has been calculated that the project costs about three million dollars and they have already collected $200,000.

Marijuana Legalization in Florida & legal analysts

However, the legal analysts claim that they will require a budget of $10 million in order to reach the objectives with less hassle. Joe Morgan, who played a major role behind the Florida constitutional amendment in 2004 says that this mission will definitely be

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  1. Jason Waver says:

    Finally some progress is starting to be made! Hopefully even more states start to follow suit after this.