Medical Marijuana States In 2013

| August 10, 2013

Medical Marijuana for Your Health and Wellness?

 Medical Marijuana States

Medical Marijuana States

Research shows that weed can alleviate symptoms of a number of chronic illnesses.

It has been confirmed to treat nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite, and it may also relieve pain. cannabis is prohibited in the U.S., but certain states allow it to be used as medical treatment. Here’s a medical marijuana states 2013 list.

Medical Marijuana States List 2013

Alaska ,California ,Colorado ,Connecticut ,D. C. ,Delaware ,Hawaii ,Maine ,Massachusetts ,Michigan ,Montana ,Nevada  ,New Jersey ,New Mexico ,Oregon ,Rhode Island ,Vermont ,Washington .

Medical Marijuana States Pending

Four States with Pending Legislation to Legalize . (as of Aug. 1, 2013)

Minnesota  Ohio  New York  Pennsylvania 

Four States with Legislation That Is Favorable Towards Legalizing But Would Not Legalize Its Use

1. Maryland 2. Minnesota 3. Oklahoma 4. Texas

12 States with Failed Legislation

1. Alabama 2. Iowa 3. Florida 4. Kansas 5. Kentucky 6. Maryland 7. Mississippi 8. Missouri 9. North Carolina 10. Oklahoma 11. South Dakota 12. West Virginia

Medical Marijuana States & PTSD

An innovative campaign to expandmedicinal cannabis accessibility to veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) intends to spread awareness about the drug’s efficacy, while recommending medical marijuana states to incorporate PTSD in their lists of conditions for which cannabis may be prescribed. The Freedom to Choose Campaign– kicked off by veterans, the Drug Policy Alliance, and elected officials– aims for lawmakers, physicians, and employers to recognize weed as a safe, effective alternative to other PTSD medications that may not work as well or cause troubling side effects. While they promote lawmakers to adopt legislation that safeguards veterans’ accessibility to medical marijuana, the campaign targets Veteran Affairs (and other) doctors to acknowledge the advantages of medical marijuana for PTSD, and requests employers not discriminate against employers who are medical marijuana patients with PTSD.

Medical Marijuana States Rights

The Obama administration adopted an unusual position in favor of states’ rights. By way of a memorandum from Deputy US Attorney David W. Ogden, the White House seems to have altered the federal government’s placement on medical marijuana. Ogden publicized the US attorney’s office will not pursue prosecutions against cultivators, distributors, and patients as long as they cohere to state laws. However the reasons why the president has made this stance may not be clear, this could be a big win for medical marijuana states rights advocates.

Medical Marijuana States 2014

lots of motivation is in action to place initiatives on the North Dakota and Arkansas ballots this November 6th. The passage of these two initiatives plus a marijuana initiative that will effortlessly pass in Massachusetts on the exact same day, would certainly increase the number of green states from 17 to 20 in just one day! And we also have a shot at passing a medical marijuana law through the Illinois Legislature in mid-November, which would become the 21st medical marijuana state. State by state, we continue to move toward the objective of putting in force medical marijuana rights in a majority of states. Right now, the movement is on track for legalizing it in 28 states by November 2014!

With the passage of each new state law, many thousands of seriously ill patients will be protected from arrest  And, of course, each time we get one step closer to influencing Congress to change federal law which is the ultimate goal in mind.

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  1. Very well written article. Thank you to the people who are fighting for the rights of medical marijuana users.

  2. Lukas Bliss says:

    I can’t wait til that map is entirely green.. it wont be too much longer now. States that have no legislation will soon have their own votes and will start with medical, the recreational.. I’ve been talking about this with friends for year and I called almost every election when this issue came up. Though, Washington passing before Oregon threw me for a loop lol