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Weed Plants | A Brief Overview About The life Cycle of Weed Plants

| November 4, 2013

A Brief Overview About The life Cycle of Weed Plants

The life Cycle of Weed Plants

 Welcome! Today’s article and video is a brief horticultural overview about the life cycle of weed plants. If you have ever grown any plant before then you know that there are 4 main steps to growing anything, germination, seedling, vegetative and flowering steps and weed plants are not much different.

 Let’s Begin with Weed Plant Germination

 Germination of a cannabis seed occurs when the root cracks through the hard seed shell, and begins to search for soil, water, and light. The seeds can germinate inside of a wet paper towel or by being placed directly into the growing medium. It is recommended that you germinate your seeds out of the soil in order to ensure that each seed germinates and does not result in a dead seed. Germination can take anywhere from around 24 hours, to several days.

 Once the weed plant has been in the growing medium for a short time, you will notice it push up out of the medium, and produce a small green sprout. This is essentially the beginning of the seedling  cycle . After a while, the nutrients collected by the seedling will force it to produce more leaves, starting in the center and moving their way out. You will notice that the leaves begin to represent weed leaves very quickly. Once you have about 3-5 small ‘branches’ with leaves on your weed plants, it is time for it to move into the vegetation stage.

During Vegetation, the Weed Plants Starts to Fill out and Grow at an Incredible Rate

 The weed plants will grow upwards as it continues to fill in with more leaves, and each plant leaf will continue to grow with more and more ‘fingers’ per leaf, the further the plant is allowed to vegetate. Weed plants in vegetative cycle require many hours of constant light every day, and a very strict regimen of watering schedules including doses of vitamins, minerals, plant growing enhancements and in some cases, even pesticides to prevent mites and spiders from infecting the grow.

 The other important thing that happens during the vegetative  cycle  is that growers can determine the sex of their plant by using a microscope and zooming in on the small sections of plant where the sex organs arise, between the base of a branch, and the stalk. In order to determine gender, you will have to do research to notice the differences in growth, size and yield.

 Lastly, the weed plant will gain most of its height and size during the flowering cycle , the longest of all of the cycles. During this phase, you will be able to tell if your plant is male or female just by looking at it. Female plants will prepare to accept the fertilization from a male by increasing the length of its stigmas and the size of its sticky amber trichomes in order to catch the male fertilization efforts.

 At this point, you want to be ready to harvest your plants as the tips of the stigmas begin to brown. If you wait for harvest, the calyx becomes weak  the stigmas become frail and topple out, and the trichomes become smaller and harder, easily knocked off just by touching.


 Your weed plants has finally reached the end of their life cycle. You will want to start harvesting your plant by trimming each branch off the weed plant, and then trimming the large fan leaves from each branch. soon, you will be left with the large flowers and top colas that produce the very large, sticky and highly coveted weed flower buds.

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