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A Brief Overview About The life Cycle of Weed Plants

| November 4, 2013

A Brief Overview About The life Cycle of Weed Plants

The life Cycle of Weed Plants

 Welcome! Today’s article and video is a brief horticultural overview about the life cycle of weed plants. If you have ever grown any plant before then you know that there are 4 main steps to growing anything, germination, seedling, vegetative and flowering steps and weed plants are not much different.

 Let’s Begin with Weed Plant Germination

 Germination of a cannabis seed occurs when the root cracks through the hard seed shell, and begins to search for soil, water, and light. The seeds can germinate inside of a wet paper towel or by being placed directly into the growing medium. It is recommended that you germinate your seeds out of the soil in order to ensure that each seed germinates and does not result in a dead seed. Germination can take anywhere from around 24 hours, to several days.


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