About Us

We understand a lot of people dislike being called "Stoners" or "PotHeads" but let's be genuine. We are all on the same group! Some stoners couch surf all day. Some own and run their own business. Some work for fortune 500 business. Some are just trying to live their life without being judged.


One thing is certain. Everyone who smokes should have a go-to site when it pertains to getting more stoner stuff. We are built on Trust & Quality. We put our fans/customers before anything else. We hope you make us your go-to


Everything About Weed is practically brand-new however our name and principal has actually been around for years and we have an 80k+ weed group on FB. Genuinely a group produced smokers by smokers.


We go above and beyond for our consumers. If there is something you are looking for and can't seem to discover, chances are we have it. If we do not, we'll search for it for you. We pay attention to all our customers/ fans/ group members suggestions and ideas.


In a Stoner world that is over saturated with blogs pushing stoner things we've discovered a major problem. They just throw together items without doing correct research study and not having stoner consumers in mind. It's all about the cash and it's getting old. Everything About Weed is breaking that immoral habit.